# Release Note

# V2.x.x

# V2.5.1

Release date: 2023-04-14

  1. Add new error code 15707 to the endpoint of mech lock for MAX Pro and MAX Plus.
  2. New notification type for the steel cable lock in the endpoint named component lock for MAX Plus, MAX Plus X and BOT S90L.

# V2.5.0

Release date: 2022-08-17

  1. Remove the response code of 15709:the device is not in unlock state in speedlimit for T60 Lite.
  2. New interface named sound for T60 Lite, with which we can find the scooter nearby.
  3. Synchronize the real result of battery component and reboot operations for T60 Lite, add some response codes: 15600, 15638.

# V2.4.9

Release date: 2022-07-29

  1. New support about the setting of wireless-charging for BOT S90L in the endpoint named wireless charging
  2. New support about the setting of low-power for BOT S90L in the endpoint named low-power settings
  3. New support about the setting of ambient for BOT S90L in the endpoint named atmosphere lamp setting
  4. New support about the controlling of ambient for BOT S90L in the endpoint named ambient
  5. New support about the setting of zone-indicator for BOT S90L in the endpoint named zone indicator setting
  6. New support about the setting of extra-able-switch for BOT S90L in the endpoint named extra-switch enable

# V2.4.8

Release date: 2022-06-25

  1. Extended the helmet API to unlock the Helmet & Cable lock, supported by MAX Plus、MAX Plus X、BOT S90L
  2. New alert code of brake line looseness detection and tandem riding detection.

# V2.4.7

Release date: 2022-05-17

  1. Extended the MAX Plus X sound API to play the custom sounds
  2. New supports for BOT S90L

# V2.4.6

Release date: 2022-01-30

  1. New interface for E-moped Time Adjust
  2. New supports about the setting of speedlimit for E-moped in the endpoint named switch setting
  3. New alert code of illegal moving and vehicle fell down when unlocked for some version of IoT firmware.

# V2.4.5

Release date: 2022-01-18

  1. Remove the interface of text to speech(POST:/api/v2/vehicle/control/tts) for T60
  2. Remove the interface of button lock(POST:/v2/vehicle/button-lock) for T60
  3. New supports for T60-Lite

# V2.4.4

Release date: 2021-12-16

  1. New supports for MAX Plus X
  2. New interfaces for those MAX Plux which deployed atmosphere lamp around the chassis
  3. New interface for E-bike A200 ambient
  4. New interface for E-bike A200 wireless charging
  5. New interface in the section of BLE SDK

# V2.4.3

Release date: 2021-10-31

  1. New interface for E-bike A200 speed mode
  2. New interface for E-bike A200 switch setting Speed limit
  3. New interface for E-bike A200 switch setting Low battery
  4. New interface for E-bike A200 anti-theft
  5. New interface for Max plus battery bisplay
  6. Added new event on vehicle alert alertStatus
  7. New event for E-bike A200 vehicle alert - code- low battery
  8. New push message Geofence event report
  9. New interface Geofence
  10. Add response on lock failure due to geofence
  11. New interface get component status
  12. New interface helmet
  13. Added new event on cmponents lock
  14. New interface get helmet lock info added for Bluetooth helmet lock

# V2.4.1

Release date: 2021-09-29

  1. Added Set upload interval API on ES, MAX and MAX Plus where customer can set upload interval supports in three type of senario ( unlock + ride, unlock + no ride and locked)
  2. Extended the sound setting API to control each individual sound modules

# V2.4.0

Release date: 2021-08-29

  1. Add the API to enabe/disable push/assit mode, vibration sensitivity of IoT for ES/MAX/MAX Pro/MAX plus models.
  2. Add API to enable/disable display's beep sound in ES/MAX/MAX Pro models
  3. Add API for atmosphere lamp setting(Display) in the E-Moped/E-bike C80/E-bike A200 models
  4. Add API to query information/query status/status configuration/ event reporting for Gen3 IoT.
  5. Mod the T60 API of speedlimit, you can use it in both when unlock and lock state.

# V2.3.0

Release date: 2021-07-29

  1. Fix the problem that the volume value in the sound setting API is out of range
  2. Added the notification of device offline and online events under vehicle status push
  3. Modifed the get current status API as such offline scooters data can be queried
  4. Fixed the push problem of E-Moped's saddle, tailbox and helmet.
  5. Added Set upload interval API on E-Moped, Ebike-C80 and Ebike-A200 where customer can set upload interval supports in three type of senario ( unlock + ride, unlock + no ride and locked)
  6. Added Bluetooth SDK documentation.

# V2.2.9

Release date: 2021-04-30

  1. Added additional function for E-Moped under switch settings( Time ON/ OFF and Total ride ON/OFF)
  2. Added sound adjustment endpoint in E-Moped and and MAXPlus
  3. Two additional vehicle model are added to the API (Ebike-C80 and Ebike-A200)

# V2.2.8

Release date: 2021-01-21

  1. Added verification on last API call/reqeust. If an API call/request is currently under process (does not have a response yet) , but someone again calls the same API endpoint, then the system will give abnormal response of xxxxx code.

# V2.2.6

Release date: 2020-12-29

  1. optimize the lock abnormal which caused via the area poor network
  2. added the sound setting of E-moped volume
  3. added the 'Fault code list' for all models
  4. optimize the monitor system of battery health

# V2.2.5

Release date: 2020-12-04

  1. optimize interface compatibility issues when some devices return exceptions
  2. added the switch setting of saddle enable
  3. added the check of whether the device were inactivate status
  4. optimize the compatibility of the different models

# V2.2.4

Release date: 2020-11-03

  1. added the 'light'control in scooter portal
  2. added the 'sound' setting in all models

# V2.2.0

Release date: 2020-10-15

  1. added the relevant portal for E-moped(included 28 items )

# V2.1.0

Release date: 2020-08-20

  1. added the relevant portal for T60 Scooter( included 18 items)
  2. added the relevant portal for Ebike C80 (included 13 items)

# V2.0.0

Release date:2020-06-29

  1. added the interfaces for mechanical lock
  2. added the function of data analysis
  3. added relevant interfaces for Mebike
  4. added the relevant interfaces of location
  5. optimized the access parameter and response for all ports
  6. added 'Status code description'
  7. distinguish different interfaces of different vehicles

# V1.x.x

# V1.0.0

Release date:2020-05-10

Access the intial API doc :https://api.segway.pt/doc/

  1. added the function of vehicle monitor
  2. added the relevant interfaces for Max Plus and Max Pro
  3. added the upgrade server that could supinterfaces multi upgrade protocols
  4. updated the access domain of segway gateway
  5. optimized the interfaces response of all interfaces

# V0.x.x

# V0.2.4

Released data: 2019-7

  1. added the networkSignal response in 'get current status'
  2. added the platformCode parameter in 'push scooter status'
  3. added the function of 'maintenance mode'
  4. added 'get firmware list'
  5. added 'upgrade device'
  6. added 'get firmware upgrade task'
  7. added 'get firmware'
  8. added 'push scooter when upgrade complete'

# V0.2.3

Released data: 2019-06

  1. added the function of 'battery cover', which were used to control the battery component
  2. optimized the interfaces description of all interfaces.
  3. optimized 'set scooter setting' that deleted the vehicleBLEBrodcast requset
  4. added the function of 'transinterfacesation mode'

# V0.2.1

Released data: 2019-03-15

  1. optimized 'Example usage' and signature description of 'Push Notification'
  2. added 'toot' that is used to control scooter to toot

# V0.2.0

Released data: 2019-01

  1. changed the 'get current version' to 'get current firmware version' that added the dashboard and battery info response
  2. optimized the description of 'get current status' and added the realtime status request
  3. added 'headlight on/off' that is used to control the scooter's healight to on or off
  4. added 'light flicker on/off' that is used for set scooter headlight or taillight on/off
  5. added 'power up/down' to turn scooter on or off

# V0.1.4

Released data: 2018-12-21

  1. added the function that used to 'get vehice battery information' that used to query the realtime battery info
  2. added the query interfaces of 'get iot binding information' that used to get the binding information like IMEI& MAC&qrCode&iotSN
  3. added the function that upload the iot binding
  4. added 'set bluetooth key' to update scooter's KEY
  5. added 'set upload interval' to configure the interval of the location info and status info

# V0.1.3

Released data: 2018-10

  1. optimized the interfaces of 'get current version' and added compiledAt response
  2. added the setting function of scooter
  3. added 'get current version' to get the iot firmware
  4. added 'push scooter alert' while scooter's alert happened
  5. added 'push scooter fault' while scooter's fault happened

# V0.0.0

Released data: 2018-9-15

  1. initial version